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Hints and tips on how to improve your sales success with stories

Businesses are learning that storytelling is the most powerful marketing technique in history. It has been the most effective means of communication since the days of the caveman.

This free podcast series on business storytelling will help you inspire your customers by connecting to their hearts and minds with memorable stories.

Our hints and tips will help you leverage the power of storytelling and to tell more impactful and memorable stories as well as avoid the blunders that can destroy a great story.

Podcast #17 —  How to Use Storytelling as a Success Strategy

Storytelling as a Business Strategy is emerging as an essential skill for both leaders and salespeople in companies of any size. Today every company needs to create a strategy or a path to follow and share their brand story in multiple channels. It’s the only way to build a sustainable business for the future. Choosing the right strategy is important.

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Podcast #16 —  How to Focus Your Attention Like a Champion

Focus can make the difference between winning and losing. Many people in sports call it being in the zone. This is especially evident when they are in events like the Olympics or the final moments of a critical game.

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Podcast #15 —  The Powerful Impact of Coaching on Your Bottom Line

Coaching is the most critical element in sustaining the positive impact of training. It is also vital in helping employees to know what is expected, inspiring them, providing recognition, and showing appreciation for their achievements.

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Podcast #14 —  Tell the Best Stories

If you want to be engaging and keep your audience from rolling their eyes or checking their email while telling your business story listen to this podcast. In it we discuss how to capture your listener’s attention and package your great ideas so they are memorable. It includes an outline and guidelines to help you create concise compelling business stories that stick. Below this podcast you’ll also find a link to a FREE list of resources to help you write your story using good grammar, great openings, and content structure that keeps your audience mesmerized.

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Podcast #13 —  Three Powerful Ways to Improve Your Resilience and Success

Today I am happy to talk to you about three ways to improve your resilience and your success rate. With today’s tips you can also form a new habit that will help you improve happiness and well being in other areas of your life.

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Podcast #12 — How the Magic of Happiness Makes Businesses Flourish

There is a lot of information available about positive psychology but the principles for applying it and the results are still not widely known.  So, I want to share what the researchers found and their principles for creating happiness. I want to offer this information to you so you can apply it and get a competitive advantage in your work life and enjoy a happier more fulfilled personal life.

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Podcast #11 — How to Influence Your Prospect's Mindset

Perception is a lens that we look through to interpret reality. If you can alter your prospect's  lens, you can change how they view reality. Changing the mindset of your prospect is a key to persuading them to make a purchase or adopting your ideas. Listen to this podcast about the various methods of changing mindsets and persuasion. It's a must listen for sales and entrepreneurs. (14 minutes long)

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Podcast #10 — How to Engage and Inspire Your Audience

My daughter Linda and I celebrated her birthday at a Darius Rucker Concert near my home at the beach in Delaware. While at the concert, it struck me how much a great entertainer is similar to someone making a great speech or presentation. Rucker engaged and inspired the audience.  Let’s take a look at the similarities that lead to success such as he enjoys. (16 minutes long)

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Podcast #9 — How to Stay Up and Connected in a Competitive Environment

You got up this morning cheerful, pumped up and ready to make calls and close sales.  But when you got out there, your calls went to voice mail, the prospect said no or hung up, your customers were staring at their smart phones in the elevator, the receptionist is now gone and the automatic voice asks you for the extension number you want, the person you want to see does not see anyone without an appointment and she is booked for weeks. That’s enough to let the air out of anyone’s balloon. (14 minutes long)

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Podcast #8 — How to Deliver Insights and Win Sales

Several of the well-known sales training programs recommend you sell by providing insights to your customer. Sales reps who are successful selling using insights, connect emotionally with their prospects. Not only do they bring the prospect important ideas but they connect to their heart and show how they can justify the solution with their mind. You know that is a better way to sell than providing a structured pitch. But the question is, how do you prepare and share your insights effectively? (13½ minutes long)

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Podcast #7 — 7 Easy Ways to Connect the Dots and Win Sales

Prospects often have difficulty connecting the dots between your product or service and their needs. They don’t see the big picture so they focus on price comparisons. Today’s podcast focuses on the different types of stories you can tell at each step in the process. Using these types of stories will increase your prospect’s perception of your trustworthiness, and likeability as well as make your prospect engagements more interesting, credible and memorable. (14 minutes long)

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Podcast #6 — Why Your Unique Vision Story is a Fascinating Gift

With so many marketing messages and competitive vendors, you want to present your solution in a unique way that captures the interest of the prospect and persuades them to do business with you. A “vision” story can be just the thing that sets you apart and can be a fascinating gift to your prospect. (11 minutes long)

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Podcast #5 — How to captivate your audience with presence

Exhibiting presence is about how you perceive yourself, not about how other people perceive you. In this state and mindset, your body communicates a positive power message to your brain which communicates persuasive messages of trustworthiness to your listeners. (13 ½ minutes long)

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Podcast #4 — Why kill a great story with one of these blunders?

Missing elements can create a gap in your customer connection. You want your listener to emotionally connect and to remember you and your product or service. To increase your opportunity to make the sale don’t leave out these 5 important elements in your story. (13 ½ minutes long)

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Podcast #3

How to avoid the top blunders when telling your story

Successful business storytelling communicates your brand and gets your customer excited about it. This week's podcast describes 5 of the top blunders that can destroy a great story. (12 minutes long)

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Podcast #2

Create a great opening for your story

Want to learn how to create great openings for telling stories and capturing your customer's interest and having a greater impact? Check out our latest podcast on creating great openings for your stories. (12 minutes long)

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Podcast #1

Tell your story on video

People don’t watch bad videos or listen to bad podcasts. So we created this podcast to help you choose the right tools and processes to create videos that get watched not deleted. (35 minutes long)

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