Who is the Champion in Sales Processes?

Who is the champion in sales processes? You’ve read all of the latest books, and you tuned in to the webinars and the podcasts and you’re still not achieving your sales goals. You get it that customers are researching products and information on line. You know that buying and selling has changed over the years.…

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Are you selling to the right brain?

Business presentations are about convincing people to make a change. But it’s not easy to convince people to change. This is because our brains are wired to protect us. Since the days of the cave man, we have been focused on surviving and being safe. Fear and worry set off the primitive response area of…

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What’s an Essential Key to Persuade Customers to Take Action ?

It’s not the facts that persuade people but a good story that puts the facts in context and guides the listener to making their own decision. Before customers are open to your insight or your product, they want to know who you are and if they can trust you.  If you are new or recently…

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Don’t Put Your Learners to Sleep – Motivate Them With Stories

Don’t put your learners to sleep in your next training session. Motivate them with stories.  We associate stories with entertainment; therefore, we view them as fun. We don’t think of them as work or learning. Stories grab the learner’s attention and impact them at an emotional level. They will make your training more entertaining and…

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Paint A Picture With Your Stories

Storytelling in Business really is a game changer. A story to puts your customer in a calm, receptive mood.  When you start telling a story, the listener’s brain says “OK. I don’t have to have my guard up.  I’m not being sold.” I can sit back relax and listen. So, telling a story is one…

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Why is Making a Buying Decision Like Being on the Amazing Race TV Show?

For the customer, making a buying decision is not unlike being a contestant on the TV show The Amazing Race. On the program, she must gather the courage to walk a rope footbridge. Each step toward the other side is taken with great caution and often a fear of failure. That transition from the safety…

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