Thriving is the Reward for Investing in Yourself

Earlier in my career, I thought that since I had landed a job with a Fortune 500 company, I no longer needed to be investing in myself. After all, the company supplied training in sales, quality, leadership, and time management. But nothing could be further from the truth. The elements on which I was trained…

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5 Demo Mistakes That Lose The Sale

During my years of teaching and observing sales skills, I have seen many people filled with anxiety when it comes to giving  demos. They are aware of the role a demo plays in decision making. This is a big moment – proof of capability. It must go well for the client to believe your solution…

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How to Resonate, Motivate, and Win Sales

Winning sales reps have learned that you must connect and your message must resonate with the prospect before you can share your insight and convince the prospect to take action. That’s where storytelling comes into the picture. The psychological goal of influence is to connect your goals to your prospect’s self-interest. The goals and self-interest of…

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5 Proven Ways to Set the Stage for Successful Sales Calls

Selling and acting are similar professions. Perhaps that’s why I have always enjoyed acting and the theatre as well as my sales and training career. In both professions, a well set stage is critical to a successful performance. It provides the proper environment for the players to perform or tell their story. Top producing sales reps devote…

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Insight, Stories, and Pre-Call Planning

Most sales training programs spend little time focusing on pre-call planning. These programs suggest that you use the list of customers supplied by the company. But, has anyone examined the list and determined if time with these prospects is the best use of your time and talent as a company resource? Often there is little…

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How Stories Provide a Pathway for “Aha!” Moments

Nancy Duarte, known for her work with Steve Jobs, Al Gore, Adobe, Cisco and many others, states that incorporating a story into presentations has an exponential effect on outcomes. Proof for this statement is the Apple launch of the iPod and the iPhone. Both can be viewed on YouTube. ( ;  A story defines…

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