How to Avoid Losing the Big Year End Sale

You’re in the big push for year-end closing of that big sale. Perhaps an award trip or big bonus is on the line. It’s the critical time when you must show that you understand the customer’s situation and have the best solution to achieve their goal or eliminate a problem. You have to persuade them…

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Unlock 5 Remarkable Sales Secrets from Game of Cricket

Photo Copyright of Tracy Photos. Sam Heazlett of Queensland Sheffield Shield makes Century I’m currently working with my clients in Australia. During my time here I have had the opportunity to watch a friend’s son play cricket. As I learned the rules of the game and watched the teams play, I realized cricket offers a…

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Revealing 5 Tips for a More Powerful Close

I was at a business development conference on the weekend and I exchanged contact information with another business owner. During our chat, she shared how she recently thought she was going to close a big deal and when it came to decision time she lost the sale. She knew it was the right fit and…

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Thriving is the Reward for Investing in Yourself

Earlier in my career, I thought that since I had landed a job with a Fortune 500 company, I no longer needed to be investing in myself. After all, the company supplied training in sales, quality, leadership, and time management. But nothing could be further from the truth. The elements on which I was trained…

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5 Demo Mistakes That Lose The Sale

During my years of teaching and observing sales skills, I have seen many people filled with anxiety when it comes to giving  demos. They are aware of the role a demo plays in decision making. This is a big moment – proof of capability. It must go well for the client to believe your solution…

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How to Resonate, Motivate, and Win Sales

Winning sales reps have learned that you must connect and your message must resonate with the prospect before you can share your insight and convince the prospect to take action. That’s where storytelling comes into the picture. The psychological goal of influence is to connect your goals to your prospect’s self-interest. The goals and self-interest of…

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