3 Powerful Ways to Quickly Pave the Way to Success

With all the noise of everyday advertisement, how do Movies, TV, and journalists achieve success and persuade you to see the movie, watch the program, and listen to or read an article? They quickly capture your attention and reach your emotionally with an exciting movie trailer, a sound bite or what newsmen call a “teaser”…

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3 Ways to Put Your Brand in the Spotlight

The most successful companies and people have a brand identity that puts them in the spotlight. If you search the internet, you’ll find the visual elements such as logo, colors, fonts, and tag line as a definition of brand. But brand is more than words on a page and visual elements – it’s the personality…

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I Challenge You to Make A Change & Make Money

I challenge you to tell a story in the opening of your sales call. It’s the number one persuasion method and attention-getter. Stories allow us to connect emotionally and intellectually. They earn likeability which creates trust and credibility. They’ll allow you to sow the seeds of ideas in the minds of your customers. They’re also a…

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How to Avoid Losing the Big Year End Sale

You’re in the big push for year-end closing of that big sale. Perhaps an award trip or big bonus is on the line. It’s the critical time when you must show that you understand the customer’s situation and have the best solution to achieve their goal or eliminate a problem. You have to persuade them…

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Unlock 5 Remarkable Sales Secrets from Game of Cricket

Photo Copyright of Tracy Photos. Sam Heazlett of Queensland Sheffield Shield makes Century I’m currently working with my clients in Australia. During my time here I have had the opportunity to watch a friend’s son play cricket. As I learned the rules of the game and watched the teams play, I realized cricket offers a…

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Revealing 5 Tips for a More Powerful Close

I was at a business development conference on the weekend and I exchanged contact information with another business owner. During our chat, she shared how she recently thought she was going to close a big deal and when it came to decision time she lost the sale. She knew it was the right fit and…

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