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Grow Your Business and Your Brand With Your Story

Are you connecting with your customers? Storytelling is growing a real business buzz. It's not part of outdated selling processes but an integral part of selling your insight. The ultimate purpose for telling a story is to persuade someone to buy a product, a service or adopt an idea. It's a persuasion technique that primes the mind of your prospect to be open to your insight and ideas. In this course, you'll learn how to have greater impact and more memorable presentations.

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Winning Sales with Demonstrations

Want your customers excited and eager to buy rather than resisting being sold? Learn the proven process for planning and delivering successful demonstrations and how to develop the best approach based upon your position with the customer.

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Storytelling: The Secret to Sales Success

Boost sales and engage your customers using the techniques in this ebook

This eBook is designed for anyone who needs to sell ideas to others or add the impact of storytelling to their presentations.

Apply these techniques and you will be able to  deliver presentations more confidently and effectively. You'll learn how to add impact your presentations with  body language, voice, and gesture. Your presentations will create more memorable connections with the audience and  make your presentations stick.

How you will benefit from this eBook:

  • • Grow your business and your revenue with your story
  • • Learn to create business impact and communicate your story with power
  • • Incorporate interesting and meaningful stories to engage the audience
  • • Choose the right story for your situation
  • • Generate interest and add impact to your storytelling
  • • Use your body and gestures to make a more memorable connection with the audience
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Creating Proposals that Sell

Are your proposals good enough to win the business you worked hard for? Or are the sales going to your competitors because their proposals are better? As little as a 2% difference between vendors can mean success or failure. Increase your success rate, learn to create more effective proposals.

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Individual Coaching

  • One-on-one call with sales coaching expert Phyllis or John
  • Get totally clear on your sales offer and how to incorporate your stories for greater impact
  • Identify and focus on the areas where you need help. No boring discussions or work on areas where you are performing at top level.
  • Design a personalized plan for your development
  • Choose the time and pricing plan that fits your needs
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