Are these common mistakes sabotaging your launch training?

Research shows that many companies make these common mistakes and sabotage the launch of valuable and innovative products. Don’t let your hard work on design, product development and production fizzle and flop with launch training mistakes. Training sales reps to give the right message to the right customer is an important element in a successful…

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Kaizen, Kanban, Trash Can – Is it a puzzle to you?

If your answer is yes, you are not alone. In spite of the fact that more than 50 countries around the globe use the Lean principles, many people still struggle with all of the Lean and Six Sigma terms and tools. So let’s define and explain a few of them so you can put the…

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How Can Lean Help My Organization? We Are Not A Manufacturer.

Organizations such as hospitals, governments, educators, service providers, printers, event planners, and insurance companies ask. “How can Lean apply to my company?. I don’t make cars like Toyota.” But implementing Lean in these organizations provides value to the organization, its leaders, its employees, and its customers just as much as it applies value to manufacturing…

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How to Prevent Atrophy and Death in Your Lean Project

Developing a Lean culture with a Lean Management system developed in parallel with the Lean process system ensures that the roles, processes, standards, and procedures are documented and followed. Although we are not discussing physics, the law of entropy applies. It states “Organized systems tend to move toward disorganization”. Lean involves the adoption of new…

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LEAN can bring Growth, Profit, Happy Customers and Employees

My LEAN journey began with Leadership Through Quality and Six Sigma at Xerox and has continued through my work with the American Manufacturers for Excellence and now with Continuous Improvement at Konica Minolta. I am writing this first of multiple articles and podcasts in an effort to help you find your path through the thousands…

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How to Engage Employees and Create a Lovable Brand

What makes some brands stand out in the crowd while brands that once reigned supreme are now extinct or fighting for their life?  Those that stand out know who they are.  They can tell their story about how they were created and what they value.  But that alone does not make the difference. Stand out companies…

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